Dennis and the Kidd Family Auctions Inc. Team  want to make becoming a consignor as easy as possible for you. We never want you to feel like ‘a number’ so let’s start by answering some of the obvious questions. After that, we’re always here for a chat.

· Keep the Kidd Family Auctions contact info handy    519-938-7499           519-938-1315
438280 4th Line, Melancthon, ONL9V 1S9

· Decide which of your treasures are ready for auction. As you start picking items to send to auction, make a brief list. We don’t need a lot of detail unless the item is unique or rare and you have history on the piece. We’ll also give you a receipt to complement your list.

· On the list we’ll need your name, address, phone number, and email. If you’re consigning a handgun we’ll also need your date of birth, middle name and PAL.

· When you finish packing a box please put your name on the outside of the box. If you’re sending an item to auction that can’t be boxed then please label the items with your name. We often use green painters tape for labeling because it’s residue seldom damages the item’s finish.

· Once the items are ready to go, drop off (by you at our location) or pick up (by us at your location) arrangements need to be made. Please call us to do this.

· Over the years Kidd Family Auctions Inc. has become accustomed to the market trends. We always want to respect your treasures but honestly know when items are not likely to sell at auction. Some items are better suited to a garage sale. We are happy to discuss with you what items will garnish a return and which items are not worth the effort.

· If an item isn’t suitable for auction we can offer suggestions for disposal. If you send an item to us that we don’t have the opportunity to assess before it arrives we may decide it isn’t what we’re looking for to fill our sales. We host a wide variety of sales. Items suitable may be stored for you at no cost until the best sale with the best market comes up.

· Items left with us but not suitable for sale will be disposed of at no cost to you. We reserve the right to make the final decision on what there is or is not a market for. We don’t have the space to store items for you to pick back up. We will not return items to you.

· When we say ‘yes or no’ it is no reflection on the quality of your treasures. In order to maintain a high integrity business, we strive to accept lots with a minimum $25 value. We may combine two or more of your items so that we create a lot in that value range at our discretion.

SPECIAL MENTION: Commission is never more than 40% and often lower. There are absolutely no hidden fees. Which means we won’t nickel and dime you. You are our top priority.